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Big Achievement Meeting with Kenya president and his wife

Yet another Big Accomplishment ForBhandari Marble Company:
"His Highness Kenya president and his wife visited Bhandari marble company in Kishangarh and ordered for 85 different kind of marbles"

Their words were "You have such a beautiful collection of marbles that we are not sure which one to leave".

They finally ordered 85 kinds of marble. An achievement for Bhandari marble group and it shows our dedication and expertise in Marble Industry.

Indian Marble - Bhandari Marble World


Marbles - Bhandari Marble World


How marble can Improve Home Decoration

Marble is the most attractive material that can decorate beautifully any kind of room. Marble uses have been decreased in the past few years, because it was thought to be a traditional material, and material could not be incorporated in contemporary d├ęcor. However, if used smartly and creatively, marble definitely could add elegance and Charm to any of you home.

Adding marble to your floors or your walls will make the place look marvelous. For a simple and attractive look, do not add marbles to both the walls and floors in the same room. To prevent from this you could add marble either to the floors or to the walls. This will look extremely attractive in a better combination with contemporary home accessories like furniture and modern materials.
For giving your kitchen a Perfect combination, you can add any bright colored marble to your kitchen and you can revive your living area by simply adding marble made chair rail.

For adding marble into the floor, first create a marble foyer, as it…

Best Luxurious Marble and Italian Marble

Marble and Italian Marble exporters usually sell flooring surfaces as they are the most preferred choice for construction or flooring surfaces in India and overseas too. Some of the Old monuments, forts and temples in India have also been built with Marble and Italian marble. At present the Demand of Marble and Italian Marble is very high.
Marbles are very immune to corrosion as well as high durable against chemical attack. Italian Marble exporters make eye caching and successfully attractive stone for their clients. The Italian marble is widely appreciated for high luster and visual appeal to the area. These marbles decorate the floors, walls and rooms in a beautiful way.
Those architects understand about Italian Marble's unique features and nowadays it is being put to more comprehensive use than it ever was. Design and Structures of these Marbles decide whether it will be used for development or decorative requirements.
Italian Marble is used worldwide due to their Durability and Aw…