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Marble Vs Granite COuntertops

MARBLE AS A COUNTERTOP Marble is a metamorphic rock, made up of recrystallized carbonate compounds. Though marble is available in a wide range of colors, the classic white marble remains the top-most choice for most homeowners. It is tough to find anything more white than white marble. As a result, marble countertops add a classic and luxurious touch to your space.  With the right care and maintenance, they can be your companions forever. PROS Marble has a timeless quality that one simply can’t resist. The unique, unpredictable veining of the material lends its fine elegance. Over time, marble may develop a patina that helps in creating a lived-in look. Compared to many other materials, marble is strong and damage-resistant too. Cost: The average cost of marble countertops ranges from $40 to $200 per square foot. The average cost of installation may range from $65 to $95 per square foot. CONS Like many natural stones, Marble is quite porous and stains easily. It needs to be professiona

Statuario Marble

  Statuario marble is, without doubt, the most beautiful Marble available in the World. It is the epitome of style and elegance and has been utilized as a symbol of sophistication and status in interior design for centuries. We are often asked about Statuario marble by engineers, architects, interior designers, luxury builders, and end-users. We will discuss the traits of Statuario marble along with its most common uses in architecture: Statuario marble contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns. … Application: Statuario marble is an ideal stone for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom vanities, and floor tiles. What is Statuario Marble? Statuario marble is a striking and exclusive bright white natural marble, its beautiful grey veining, and its rich, bold patterns. It is arguably the most white marble in the marble World. Statuario marble often contains heavy grey veining throughout with unique and beautiful patterns. Statuario

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  From the shimmering aura of the Taj Mahal to the humble floor of your home’s bathroom, marble is one of the world’s most revered and useful natural materials. Marble is Michelangelo’s David, the Washington Monument, and the Duomo of Florence. It is also the primary ingredient in Tums antacid. Tune into any kitchen design message board and you’ll encounter a sharp divide over the utility of marble. Some people wouldn’t dream of designing a kitchen without marble. Others decry that choice, citing marble’s imperfections and fragility. Many are caught somewhere in the middle: in love with marble’s irresistible appeal, but uncertain if it’s the right choice for their circumstance. In an attempt to create the “perfect” material, legions of synthetic products claim to look “just like marble,” but marble enthusiasts aren’t swayed. Few stones can match the warm glow, the softly flowing colors, the timelessness, and the authenticity of marble. There’s good reason this stone has been used for o