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 I have been getting more and more questions about our counter-tops in our new kitchen. I am going to be sharing my honest 100% opinion on my Granite Counter-tops and my Granite block counters. Why I have both and how they are doing 7 months into living with them. This of course is my counter-top review and does not mean everyone will be happy with my choices. I do believe they are each timeless classic looks for that French Farmhouse kitchen style that I designed.

I wanted a casual feel to our kitchen but also wanted something that never felt outdated. Considering I change my mind every ten seconds I needed to select a kitchen that I wouldn’t get bored with and since we are tapped out on moolah, I needed to make sure they were finishes that would last too. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.

Well, Granite is a scary word to most people! I remember a year ago when we were planning for our kitchen how many people tried talking me out of Granite. I did my own research about it, talked with my kitchen designer about it, and tried finding the best match of quartz (since that was the durable material) or granite (a little more durable than Granite but still natural) that I could. I even considered soapstone since I absolutely love it as well, but ultimately decided I would get less sick of light counters than I would dark counters so I swayed back to the Granite. I also considered Granite which I fell in love with too, but it felt “fancier” to me and Granite just felt more timeless, subtle, and paired well with the Farmhouse vibe of my kitchen.

Pro’s to Granite:

So, let’s talk a little about the pros to Granite that I have personally found with having them in our home. The look! I mean this alone sells me every morning when I wake up. I love the veining, the timelessness, and the pureness of Granite. There is nothing quite like that true deep veining, color, and simplicity. The color is a true white and a true cool Black. I wanted that contrast with my greige color cabinets, that I felt quartz was just not going to provide. The more I looked at quartz the more I kept falling more in love with Granite. Not to mention real stone is trending again!

So, yes the look is what sells me every day! So, what else??? The coolness to touch is also something I appreciate about the Granite. The price was also way better than quartz. Quartz being on high demand is now more expensive that real stone. How can that be? I thought that was nuts when I first heard about it, but it totally makes sense. I’m not quite sure the percentage of kitchen renovations that prefer quartz over real stone or other material, but I am sure it’s quite a bit. So, knowing I was getting a more luxurious product for cheaper was another selling factor for me.

Pro’s to Granite Block

Well, with the Granite being a cool and more luxurious product, I wanted something not only to balance my bank account but also my fancy meets casual kitchen. The room needed something that would warm up the space and having the warm wood Granite block feel would definitely create that balance. Our island is 9′ long so the counter was going to be a big chunk of money too. We looked at a few options but I kept coming back to images of kitchens with Granite block counters. We chose white oak so it has less “yellow or red” in it and would mesh well with our flooring.

One of the questions I get all the time is how durable is my Granite block. Well, we had ours sealed through the counter-top company for long lasting wear and tear. It makes it super durable where I can clean it with just about anything and do just about anything on it. I needed that balance because Granite was not a durable surface so it was important to have a surface space in the kitchen that was. Having an island where the kids eat meals, snacks, and do homework on without flinching was important. I love the look of the wood for that Farmhouse feel and it also acts as a large table for us too.

Cons to Granite:

Well, as you all heard and I’ve been told Granite is not durable. Guess what…it’s not! But there are ways to make it work.

#1. Seal your counter-tops with what your counter supplier suggests (I sealed mine twice already and plan to seal them once more this year- so ex’s a year is good). This is the one I use!

#2 Have a mix of counters so prepping and food items that ruin Granite can be avoided. That means no wine on my Granite and no lemon! The two products I am always most concerned about. We have a few lemon marks already but fortunately as time goes on, they seep into the Granite a bit. The soda my son spilled last month, not much I can do about them cup rings (I lost my mind a bit that night).

#3 Clean with Granite and stone countertop cleaner ONLY! Here’s the one I use!

#4 Make sure never to use the sponge you use to clean dishes on the counters. There could be left over acidic juices and we’ve learned this the hard way too.

#5 Avoid moving items around on counter or placing anything abrasive that can scratch. We have one good scratch also from my son- clearly the rule “stay off the Granite” gets broken here and there.

#6 Be careful with edges of counter. We have had some slight chipping from taking items out of sink and placing into dishwasher.

So, yes this is a lot of upkeep…probably annoying for most people, but if you are a Granite lover like myself having those scratches and marks on your counter still make it worth it. Remember Granite has been around since forever embracing the imperfections is what makes for a timeless look. I do agree though this is not for everyone. You totally have to babysit it, and let go of every ding and stain. I will say I would never have an entire kitchen with Granite.

The Granite works because I have the two materials (Granite and Granite block) to help with less wear and tear on the Granite. I have become that crazy lady to put up signs during a party like no wine or keep off the Granite. Some stains do fade over time and if they aren’t in a ring form you may not ever really notice. I also have the honed Granite which helps best with etching where polished Granite etching is more noticeable. I believe it taking care of the products in your home and this just means you have to take extra care.

Cons with Granite Block:

There really is not that much cons when it comes to the Granite block unless you just don’t love the look of it. We have some splintering and if you choose not to use a cutting board to cut something you can get dents and scratches. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it. I love the warmth and the casual feel it brings, but if you do want a fancier or glamorous feel to your kitchen Granite block may not be first choice.

I hope this was very helpful for those of you that are considering one or both of these materials for your kitchen. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Only last bit of helpful tip I would say is if you consider doing a Granite back splash as I’ve done behind our range, keep in mind the color darkens when it’s vertical. That has been one little issue that I’ve had with my Granite because it does look a little bluer gray than I had wanted-so keep that in mind!

Nicole says

August 21, 2019 at 8:09 am

Ah, I didn’t know Granite was that fragile. I was thinking about it as we plan to Reno out kitchen in the next two years but my husband loves to cook and he’s like a bull in a china shop so we definitely need something more durable. I swear the guy is like the Swedish Chef when he cooks and whatever is on the stove is all over the stove, back splash, counters, floor. I drove me crazy when we first met but he likes to cook and I’m okay with that!

Answer from us

Nicole I can totally relate! My husband is totally accident prone and he makes me very nervous around the Granite. We have been able to manage but every stain and mark I have to remember it’s part of the process of being a Granite owner.

Lilah says

August 21, 2019 at 8:48 am

I believe this is the first really honest review I have seen

about Granite. I am single without any children and really wanted Granite

when I purchased a 50-year-old house with laminate counter tops. I kept reading reviews and, in the end, I decided against it and chose quartz. I have never regretted that decision and if someone is not prepared to do the maintenance there are some excellent quartz counters out there that will give you the Granite looks. I will say cost probably depends on what area of the country you reside as I found quartz definitely cheaper than the Granite in my Place.

Thank you for letting people know how a real family lives with Granite. I do think in time you will not even notice those stains and you will still love your Granite. However, you are correct that it isn’t for everyone.

Jayne Finkbohner says

August 21, 2019 at 10:36 am

Love your honesty. Like you I love the life in natural stone. We are building our retirement home and after much studying and research I’m going with granite for our back counter-tops and black honed granite for our island.

Your Granite counter-tops are gorgeous and timeless. This is how I feel about the white ice granite we have choose, it is timeless!

Carol Higgins says

August 21, 2019 at 12:23 pm

I have a question about the Granite? I had it in the past but found when food was spilled and allowed to dry on it (didn’t wipe the spill immediately), then I couldn’t get it up without using the scratchy side of the sponge and then that left scratch marks in the wood. Have you experienced this or does your sealing of the Granite take care of that?

admin says

August 24, 2019 at 9:20 pm

Hi Carol, I have not experienced this, but ours was sealed by the manufacturer so I do think there is a difference in the finish. I love an unfinished Granite counter, but I wanted a surface that would be durable for every day.

Joanna says

August 21, 2019 at 1:39 pm

I renovated my kitchen eight years ago. Like you, I wanted a timeless look. Kitchens are a huge expense, so you don’t want to be doing it often unless your bank account allows. Mine does not! 😢 I did think about Granite (love it in other’s kitchens) but being a perfectionist, I knew the inevitable staining, scoring and chipping would bother me, so I went with a light granite. I love it! My hubby topcoats it once a year. I can sit anything on it including hot pots. I don’t have to worry about guests setting down wet glasses or dropping salsa on it. Anything precious is not safe around my husband, no coasters for him. Lol Plus, cupboards are a soft white and I thought the stark white of Granite would not compliment the warm white of the wood. It was just the right choice for me.

I’m thinking of Granite for my bathrooms but will toothpaste, shampoos or hot curling irons mar it?

Carol Landry-Fiske says

August 24, 2019 at 10:51 am

Love your kitchen! I am a Granite lover myself and redid our bathroom so it looks like a bathroom in a hotel we stayed at in London. The maintenance is definitely worth it. I never thought of adding the Granite to the kitchen but will do so now.

Kathi Richards says

August 25, 2019 at 8:48 am

I also went round & round on my counter tops when I built my home & now when I’m building again. I opted for quartz last time (& this time too) even the it costs more. I have found it to be SOOO durable & maintenance free (meaning no sealing several times a year). I was after as maintenance free of a home as I could get! However, in my new home I’m going for cultured Granite (more cost effective) in the bathrooms & my maintenance free quartz in the kitchen. Not everyone would put two different kinds of counter tops in their house, but I am & I’m OK with it & that’s all that matters!! Thanks for this article, it gave me some things to think about before I’m to the point of no return in my new house.

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