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One of the more popular decisions homeowners find difficult to make is choosing between marble and granite for home, villa hotel projects flooring elevation decoration countertop landscaping monument, etc. That is because most people don’t even understand the difference between them.
Both marble and granite are often mistaken for one another. Of course, both materials are aesthetically pleasing. They both also have qualities that make them a perfect choice as a flooring elevation decoration countertop landscaping monument surface. It’s all a matter of perspective, really, but they both have their own merits. That is why it is important to learn to tell how to tell the two together.

Marble and granite are both natural materials. For the untrained eye, both will look exactly the same. However, they have distinct physical features that you can use to tell them apart.
 instance, granite showcases a veiny look that appears as specks on the surface and differs in color where slabs contain a variety of hues. Meanwhile, this veiny pattern appears larger on marble with veins that run through the slab with fairly consistent colors.
 Be sure to look through numerous slabs with a variety of patterns and hues for both marble and granite to choose one that you find most appealing.
when talking about home villa hotel projects Flooring countertops because it will decide whether a material can withstand the elements in the home villa hotel projects kitchen. And if we were to declare a winner in the porosity contest, it would be marble. It is compact and sturdy, making it an obvious choice for durable yet elegant for home villa hotel projects Flooring elevation decoration countertop landscaping monument.
On the other hand, marble is a porous material. This porosity could come in handy in hotter climates because of its ability to repel heat.
Similarly, granite is also a porous material.

As mentioned earlier, both are natural materials. This means that to acquire these stones, mining, and excavation is a necessary process.
 Granite is a kind of igneous rock. It is a by-product of molten magma that has cooled down and solidified throughout the decades. Granite is formed after it goes through periodic heating and cooling, which also gives it its durability and hardness.
Marble goes through the same formation process like granite, with the exception that it doesn’t involve magma heat. Marble is a combination of sedimentary rocks and other natural elements. It is a product of years of natural meshing of rock and soil for millions of years. Its exposure to extreme heat and pressure causes the natural design of the stone to appear.
The incorporation of minerals is an unavoidable part of creating marble stones and tiles. Hence, it is able to showcase a wider range of colors. This adds to the variety of hues in some marble designs, giving more options to buyers.
Durability and Maintenance
Since both stones are natural materials, durability is high in both cases. Of course, this is only true if they are properly maintained.
Granite is less porous than marble. But sealant can also be applied to further improve its ability to resist stains and spills.
When it comes to cost, what is the difference between marble and granite?
This is one of the questions that people take into consideration when deciding which kind to use. Sometimes, the cost becomes the deal-breaker. Building a home can be quite expensive and the cost takes a lot of play.
If we only look at the cost of the materials, marble is in fact slightly more expensive than granite. At best, marbles cost closer to 60₹, while granite can cost around 50 per square foot. These are just the basic kinds. Other factors may come in to play, which could cause the price of marble and granite to go as high as 150 and 100₹ per square foot  respectively.
The cost of installation and maintenance should also be considered when considering the price of your kitchen countertops. For this reason, it is paramount that you seek counsel from your local experts to get a better estimate of the cost.
Word of caution: only seek expert advice from professionals. Only they can give you the best estimate on the true value of your kitchen countertop.

At the end of the day, what really matters is how much value you place on your countertop. It should always be just about you and your home. Choose the countertop surface that speaks to you the most and goes with it.
Whether you choose marble for its delicate elegance or the tough yet polished exterior of granite, you can never really go wrong. Both offer unmatched beauty of natural stone while also offering something unique.
Take the time to decide on the surface that you want. Never rush a decision. But if you ever find yourself needing the help of a professional, you can always count on Granite Selection to give you professional advice.
Granite Selection is the premier destination for everything stone, whether it’s granite, marble, or quartz. We are a manufacturer and installer of natural stone countertops and have been doing this for many, many years. Our team of stone professionals has over 350+ years of combined experience. So if it’s expert advice you seek, look no further than Granite Selection.
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Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

Therefore, the contribution of marble is more than half of all-natural stone trades in the world. Let’s Know

What Is Marble as a Natural Stone?
In simple geological terms, marble is a metamorphic rock when limestone is passing through the metamorphism process due to heat and pressure in the crust of the earth, be it on land or at the submarine level. Being a kind of limestone, marble is a calcareous type of rock containing chiefly calcite (CaCO3 compound) and other miscellaneous impurities including sands, clays, iron, and other minerals.

What Are Physical Properties of Marble Stone?
Most of the marbles found in lighter color shades and while is in abundance. Thanks to some impurities, marbles get grains & veins of different colored shades including gray, green, pink, and black.

Properties of Marble Stone

It is resulting in unique and naturally beautiful patterns and designs on the surfaces of marble slabs and tiles.

Marble accepts polishing amazingly and resulting in a waxy and glossy surface is giving a thin transparent layer on the top of the mass with veins, color patches, and patterns. It renders marbles the best material for designing sculptures.

How Is Production of Marble Stone Takes Place Commercially?
The occurrence of marble is in large deposits ranging hundreds of feet thick layers in different places of the world. Therefore, we can mine marbles on large scales and required sizes of blocks. The latest quarrying technologies have improved production a lot and also made it cheaper than ever. Production of Marble Stone hardness of marble The hardness of marble is at three (3) Moh’s scale. It means it is a soft natural stone and easy to cut and carve into different shapes like art objects and sculptures.
Modern stone cutting technologies have eased the burden of exporters/importers and suppliers for rapid shipping and convenience.
We can cut marble blocks into dimension stones for a variety of interior and exterior applications in the construction industry.
For instance, slabs, tiles, and stacked stones in buildings. The maximum use of marble is in flooring as slabs or tiles. cut marble blocks rocks marbles come as rough stones During quarrying, some rocks marbles come as rough stones of smaller sizes. These are crushing into aggregates or powders and used in different industries for various purposes like whitener, chalk, in animal feed, in the pharmaceutical industry, and so on.

 Marble Floorings or Marble Paving
Natural Aesthetics:
Marble is processed by natural artisans like heat, pressure, and chemical processes over a prolonged period in the earth. Therefore, it possesses natural beauty thoroughly and improves the aesthetics of your buildings.

Marble tiles or slabs are natural products so that you will have each piece unique and considerably different from others. Grains and veins in marble stones make distinct patterns and emerged as a variety of designs due to patterns and color variations.

Marble stones are available in a variety of colors and a mix of shades. You can cut marble rocks into different sizes, shapes, and styles to create various designs like mosaic, diamond, herringbone, subway, and stack bond.

Marble slabs and marble tiles are easy to adopt different polishing treatments. Thus, you can achieve elegant surfaces with silky smooth touch and shimmering looks. Apart from high sophistication, marble also adopts different finishes and yield rustic surfaces with non-slip properties to use in wet areas.

Resistant to Climatic Adversity:
Porosity and nature of calcite minerals make marbles cool underfoot material in hot climate regions. The sheer whiteness of marbles reflects hot sun rays and radiations like a mirror and keep it cool.

Similarly, marbles are ideal stone materials to adopt radian heat systems in cold regions during snowy days. Proper sealing and coating treatment make it waterproof for rainy days.

Natural Translucency:
Marble surfaces have natural translucency, and the top translucent layer seems a transparent wrapper permits penetration of light rays at some depth.

If polished well, the glossy and plastic-like top layer make marble stones glowing when sun rays hit the surfaces at some angles. Therefore, marble is an ideal stone material to create sculpture and artistic objects for decoration and other purposes.

Acid Sensitive:
Marble is a kind of limestone and calcites in it can react with acids. So, lemon juice and vinegar-like common acidic liquids can damage it leaving permanent stains.

Delicate Material:
Marble has a hardness of 3.0 Moh’s scale. It means it is a brittle material and can break or chip easily.
Marble comes with unique designs and patterns. If you have carefully planned the layout following a design or pattern, getting a matching piece will prove a daunting task when it breaks or damages.

Not for DIY Installation:
Marble is a delicate material. It demands professional proficiency and tools for installation. It requires careful planning and application of material such as sealants or coating material before and after grouting. Designing a pattern or design with marble tiles is not a job that can help anyone during installation.

Expensive Choice:
Marble is a premium choice for architectural material. The rate of high-quality marble slabs or tiles are comparatively high and installation cost added in it. So, everyone cannot afford it.

Is Marble Flooring Good?
We have seen the pros and cons of marble in flooring. If we draw conclusions from it, we can sum it up in the following ways.

Marble is a calcite stone and porous in nature. It looks beautiful at first glance but expensive on buying as well as maintaining. It is because you have to apply sealant and coating treatment annually to keep its look-n-feel last for longer. Therefore, architects and contractors prefer their interior use in most cases where the chances of heavy foot traffic and damages by animals are low.

However, marble stones have great aesthetic appeal and natural beauty that none can resist. If your budget permits and you are ready for the regular maintenance, modern technologies can help you a lot. You can bring soberness and natural splashes of colors, patterns, and designs in your home and around spaces by selecting proper types of marbles stones and design

Types of Marble Flooring
It is said that more than 3K types or varieties existing across the globe and known as different entities. Therefore, the best way to get locally available varieties from reliable natural stone suppliers in your vicinity. However, for the sake of information, I have listed some famous varieties/types of marbles here.

 Calacatta Marble
It is the most expensive type of marble due to its rare availability in nature but also for its striking features. It has darker gray and thick veining patterns among the brighter white background. It is also available in gold hues and based on intensity and occurrence, those known as sub-types, such as Gold, Michelangelo, and Borghini.

 Carrara Marble
It is the most commonly available variety of marble stones. It is a cheaper alternative than others. It has fine feathery gray veins in grayish-white background. It used to come in linear and soft veining patterns, so it quite differs from calacatta marbles, which have darker and thicker veins. It is budget-friendly and can be used in any space of your interior as well as exterior marble application.

 Talathello Marble
It has a dazzling look due to varying shades of silver and beige deposits in a light gray background. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for beautifying your fa├žade and exterior places like patios and porches.

 Emperador Marble
It is a Spanish variety available in light and dark brown colors. Irregular veining patterns accompany various shades of brown with white to gray feathers. It is an excellent choice for rooms or patios with a woody or golden or brassy metallic furniture and accessories.

 CremaMarfil Marble
It is another Spanish variety famous for its different beige tones with irregular veining patterns and intensities. So, itis a textures creamy beige marble stone available in different tones such as cinnamon, white, and golden beige. Many consider it a mere limestone, not a marble, but its high shining on polishing simulate as a marble type.

 Levadia Black Marble
It is a Greek marble variety. It found in a completely black background with grayish-white veining in a smoke spot pattern. Due to its black color dominance, it is an ideal candidate for kitchen countertops and floors where extreme dark shade is essential.

 Nero Marquina Marble
It is a Spanish marble variety in black shades. It is a high-quality black stone extracted from the Markina region of Northern Spain. It has a complete dark black background with striking white veins that bring glamorous appearance underfoot. It is an excellent choice for bathroom flooring in the internal spaces while the porch and patio also accept it due to a darker background when setting with an exterior theme.

Are You looking for a Natural Stone Flooring?

Is Marble Floor Hard To Maintain?
We already discussed before that marble is a delicate and brittle stone material if not handled carefully during installation and afterward usages. It gets scratched easily, break or damaged quickly with some pressure or hard hits.

Marble reacts with acids and spills of lemon juices or vinegar-like acidic stuff can leave permanent damages on the surfaces. However, the latest technologies for coating and sealing the marble surfaces render it useful in most of the cases, and you have to go to periodic reapplications to maintain its original beauty.

How to Polish Marble Flooring?
Due to the availability of polishing tools and solutions in the open market, anyone can go DIY polishing of marble floors. Let’s check it step-by-step.

#1 – Prepare Tools & Solutions
 Prepare Tools & Solutions
Gather all required tools like polisher machines, sandpapers, and soft clothes. Accumulate solutions for washing, stain removing, polishing compound, and sealant solution.

#2 – Clean the surfaces of marble stones
 Clean the surfaces of marble stones
Clean dirt and mild stains using a mop, cloths, or vacuum cleaner from the surfaces. Mild detergent or plain water washing is enough to clean the marbles. If stains are deep, you can apply poultice treatment on it.

#3 – Apply polishing compound
 Apply polishing compound
Apply polishing compound in proper amount by starting with little and add afterward. Apply low-speed polisher with required pressure to bring smooth surfaces across the length of marble stones. Work in small sections of your marble floor instead of the entire area at a time. Move polisher in a circular movement and try never to miss any spot at all.

#4 – Apply marble sealant
 Apply marble sealant
After 24 hours of the application of the polishing compound, now it is time to apply marble sealant to protect surfaces. Spray marble sealant solutions evenly on the marble surfaces and try to prevent streaking. After half an hour, wipe off the residues of sealant from the surfaces. After a day of drying, your marble paving will ready to use.

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What is natural stone?
The term natural stone refers to a variety of mountain-born mineral substances that stand in contrast to any synthetic or manufactured stone products. Common natural stone flooring includes slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone, each of which has slightly different properties
Natural stone is a variety of sandstone. It formed as rivers flowed off a former mountain range along the eastern seaboard. As many thousands-year-old rivers wound their way through the landscape, they left behind pockets of sandstone in India Because the sandy deposits occurred in small, scattered areas, the quarries were small, too, setting the stage for generations of family-run quarrying operations throughout the region.

This trio of rocks shows what happens if you crank up the thermostat on a stone. The predecessor to all of these stones is shale, which is compressed clay and is decidedly un-sexy. But add a little heat and pressure and those unremarkable clay particles start to grow and strengthen and the rock turns into slate. Unlike shale, slate is durable – and is workable into tiles, shingles, and of course, old-school blackboards.
If the stone gets hotter, the clay particles morph into mica and the rock takes on a subtle sheen. This is called phyllite, but in commercial terms, phyllite is usually sold as slate. More heat begets even larger mica grains, and the stone becomes schist, which is known for its glittery look. Schists with small mica grains are preferable to stones with large chunks of mica because the latter can be weak and literally flaky.
Adding even more heat and pressure will make the stone separate into bands of light and dark minerals. Striped or banded patterns are the hallmark of gneiss. The patterns can be calm or bold, straight or swirled. For commercial purposes, gneiss is usually classified as granite, because it’s made of the same minerals, and shares similar properties and colors.
If the stone gets hotter still, it will start to melt. In some slabs of gneiss, you can see melted blobs of quartz, showing the stone was right on the edge of becoming liquid again. If the whole thing melts, then you’ll end up with granite, an igneous rock.

Granite means many things. It’s a catch-all category that’s often used to describe any hard, crystalline stone. In geology, granite is one specific thing: an igneous rock that is coarse-grained and overall light-colored. But in the parlance of the natural stone industry, the definition of granite is expanded to include all igneous rocks, as well as many metamorphic rocks like gneiss and schist.
Geologists classify igneous rocks by the size of the crystals and the types of minerals. And while you will definitely sound smart if you casually inquire if your local slab yard has any quartz monzonite or granodiorite, that’s not necessary. Most igneous rocks are quite similar to each other, despite their different colors and patterns. We can just stick to calling them all granite.

Onyx and travertine are variations of the same stone. They come about from mineral-laden water like you’d find at the mouth of a hot spring. Both are made of calcite, the same mineral that’s in limestone and marble. Travertine has a lacy pattern from the way the water flows in little rivulets away from the mouth of a hot spring. Onyx can form from either hot or cool water and is less porous than travertine. Onyx is beloved for its smooth layers and gem-like colors that are especially glorious when backlit.
Geologists and natural stone aficionados agree
Natural stone offers a lot to love—there’s zero doubt about that. Take a moment to learn about the history and characteristics of your favorite stone, and I bet you’ll appreciate it even more.
What can I use to clean natural stone?
Sweep off surface debris. If you are cleaning a natural stone floor, you'll want to use a fluffy mop or brush that has soft, natural bristles.
Mix warm water and mild dish detergent in a bucket.
Wipe down the natural stone with the solution.
Rinse off the solution with distilled water.
Dry the stone.

Which is the hardest Flooring Natural stone?
Although the hardest natural stone on the earth is the Granite and Marble, which is rated five on the Mohs scale, Marble & granite are known as the most durable and hardest natural stone that is used in construction material and is measured six on Mohs scale.

Which is the best Indian marble?
The best Marble is Statuario marble a d Makrana white marble supplier in India is BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP at Kishangarh in Rajasthan, India. Price, quality, cutting, the thickness of marble is most genuine. Range and variety are topmost. Granite- lasts many centuries.

Which type of marble is best for flooring?
White Marbles
White marble slabs are one of the best options for flooring material due to its beautiful and pure look.
White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white color adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere.

How strong is marble?
As a result, marble is less porous and slightly stronger than limestone, but still less durable than granite. Depending on the limestone and the mineral combination within the marble, most marble rates from three to five on the Mohs hardness scale.
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Indian Marble & Granite

Indian Marble & Granite
It's Indian Marble &  granite vs Italian marble now
Americans and other  Nations
seem to be going gaga over designer home villa bathrooms and kitchens adorned with Indian Marble & granite. Americans now prefer Indian Marble &  granite in place of Italian marble. While India has already amassed Rs 3,050 crore from the export of this product in export demands are on the rise.
In fact, Indian exporters have started buying granite slabs from Brazil to process them into tiles and export them to the US.
Market research on the sector shows that it is black granite that is hot in American households. Once associated with the color of death the product has been given the trademark of black Galaxy in America.
Various market research reports indicate that American interior designers and builders simply love the color and texture of the Indian granite.

Indian Marble & granite sells through huge showrooms in California and New Jersey, the relatively posh states of the US. In fact, major construction companies like Dal-Tile and Del Piso have been buying granite worth $250,000 every month from these suppliers of Indian marble &  granite.
In the recent past, construction companies have also come forward to buy granite from India directly rather than buy them from importers based in the US.

Most of the manufacturing is being undertaken by export-oriented units in India. There are a large number of small players that tie-up with one importer to reach the US market.

The importer, on the other hand, hires or has an in-house team of experts to do a quality check and certify the granite, as this facility is not available in India.

But India cannot sit satisfied with this performance, as Brazil is emerging as a major competitor with huge production capacities and almost thrice the 120 varieties exported from India.

Moreover, with Brazil entering the US market in a big way, India needs to find new markets for this product usually bought by high-end consumers all over the world

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What are natural stone tiles?
Popular Types of Stone for Tile. There are types of stone that are widely used in tile manufacture for residential purposes: marble, granite, slate, limestone, and basalt, Sandstone.

What is the best natural stone for floors?
Best options for natural-stone floors in the home villa hotel projects.
Granite. Granite is a great option for homeowners who have previously chosen granite slabs for their kitchen countertop.
Limestone. This material is ideal for kitchens with a rustic or traditional style.

How can I tell if my tile is a natural stone?
Marble tiles may have veins running through them, while travertine will have holes that have been filled with a resin. Run your fingers over areas of a different color; if they are smoother, the tile may be resin. Limestone tiles may have fossils, while granite may have a tightly packed granular pattern.
Natural Stone Tiles are a very popular floor, countertop and wall option among homeowners today.  This popularity has helped contribute to the wide variety of styles and colors we have to choose from.  In fact, there are so many choices, selecting the right one for you can be a little overwhelming.  In order to help educate you on Natural Stone and help make your selection process a little more productive, here are things you should know about Natural Stone Tile:
Natural Stone 
Natural Stone Tiles are natural and not man-made.  Because of this, you will get a variance from tile to tile and no two tiles will look alike.  This is important to understand because many times the color shade will be slightly different as well. Some stone types have more variance than others.  Because of this variance, it’s always a good idea to purchase a little extra material for your project.  This will ensure that you will be able to weed out any tiles that you don’t like, and also you will have matching tile down the road if you are ever in need of a repair.  The chance of you finding a matching tile down the road is very rare.
Depending on the type, each Natural Stone Tile has its own recommended uses.   Natural Stones.  More porous stones like Travertine, Marble, and Limestone are recommended for Kitchen Countertops but work well on floors and in bathroom walls and countertops. Slate is one of the few natural stone tiles that can hold up through climate and temperature changes and is suitable for outdoor use.
Natural Stone Tiles come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can add beauty to any room in your house.  While they do require more maintenance than ceramic or porcelain tile, Natural Stone is very durable and is typically better for resale.  Whichever type of stone you decide on for your particular project, consider these 3 items and it will make the selection process a little easier and more fun.
Blue onyx tile
A gorgeous glossy blue onyx tile at six inches square for this rather shallow kitchen counter.  But what really gives this counter its flair is the 3x7 inch Botanical Cap Accent trim.
You may want to avoid Carrara high-gloss finishes, as they easily scratch. recommends double fired at higher temperatures, such as glazes on vitreous and porcelain bodies.
Large Granite Tiles
Granite Stone Kitchen Island Tiles and Countertops
Granite Larger tiles mean fewer seams on your counter—a bonus when it comes time to clean up.
Natural stone tile
Natural stone, these 12-inch square tiles  World look. This treatment is bordered by a simple but effective matching edge treatment. This same stone covers the peripheral counters at a depth of two tiles. Stone and grout need to be sealed before they can be used for counters.
Multi-Colored Marble  Tile
Marble Tile
 Kitchen countertops
This large cooking/eating kitchen island gets mosaic tile treatment from Bedrosian's, a major tile retailer.  Some tiles try to be serious and imposing; this tile is the opposite: its light beiges, tans, and pinks provide a friendly welcome for visitors to come and sit with a glass of wine while they cook whips up that evening's fantastic creation.
Banswara marble tiles 
A nice, unusual  Banswara marble stones line installed on both the front and top of this bathroom counter. This is a Banswara marble with shimmers of gold and purple to give your bathroom the feel of an oceanside sunset. The one-inch dimension allows for greater flexibility with countertops of varying depth.
You will want to install small tiles with caution. The issue is the seams between the tiles. Seams tend to act as little valleys that accumulate crumbs and, if you're not careful, dirt and grime. As such, you'll tend to find this type of application in bathrooms more than in kitchens. One solution is to lay larger tiles. The only issue with that: larger tiles tend to look ungainly in small spaces.
Long and Narrow Modern Italian marble
Modern Italian Marble Tile on Kitchen Countertop
this is their dry pressed At dimensions of 6x18 inches and classified as porcelain, it is well-suited for counter installation. They also have a rolled-edge 12x13 inch which, when doubled-up, would cover half of the countertop depth as well as obviate the need for edge pieces.
Stone- Italian marble Countertop 
Italian Counter  Stone
If you like the look of stone on your counters but not the work associated with installing and maintaining stone, look for porcelain that has a stone look. Italian marble comes in both the beige shown here or in a charcoal gray which they call Black. This line has matching quarter-rounds and caps to finish off your installation, making it look totally professional.
Countertop Tile  Travertine
You probably are installing real travertine stone on your countertops anytime soon. With its distinctively pitted surface, it's not the best material for counters. Even filled and hone, travertine doesn't make it onto kitchen counters very often. But you can get the feel and look of travertine with this in Mocha color. Shown are six-inch square tiles with matching six-inch quarter rounds and quarter round corners.
Light Green Square serpentine stone Bathroom Counter Tiles
Serpentine stone Tile Counter Ideas -  Kitchen Tile
A light green-brown serpentine tile wows this bathroom with six-inch square tiles that run nearly four rows deep. Note the 12-inch vanity over-hang made of the same tile. This product goes all the way up to 18-inch squares for floor installation, too.

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Bhandari Marble Group’s quest for the best quality marble began decades ago when our grandfather Shri Roop Chandji visited Italy in search of the best quality marble. His aim was to bring a superior quality stone and introduce it in India. Although, due to his dedication and patriotic instincts, he did not stop right there. He moved to not just discovering the same quality stone in India but also researched and found several other types of stones in our very own country that is in fact as good as any of their Italian counterparts.
He discovered some best Indian marble and give the name “INDIAN STATUARIO MARBLE” AND “INDO ITALIAN MARBLE. These two are exclusively available at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP. Their quality is one of the best that can be found and all other aspects too are amazing.
He proved to the world and to us as well, that India does not lack in any aspect. India especially has the finest mineral deposit in the world and thus the finest stone quality can be found here.
Knowing that Indian Marble has time and again done wonders in terms of its application and proved its worth. We also thank our Grandfather for the effort that he put in to prove to the world that Indian stone is as good as any other marble.
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet
GST 18% and Delivery charges extra…
5% Off
Product Details:White Statuario Marbles are used for flooring and wall in interiors as well as exteriors. It generally comes with natural textures and white color and it has nice durability and strength. In order to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients, BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP uses the finest raw materials, modern machines, and technology for manufacturing the White Statuario Marbles. Our marbles are long-lasting & durable in nature and are specifically designed to enhance the look of any place.
PRODUCT FEATURE- INDIAN STATUARIO MARBLEIndian Calacatta marble is rarer than Indian Carrara and is more white than gray with dramatic veining that results in thick, predominate patterns. It often has brown and gold undertones. Indian Statuario is the most precious marble varieties found in Italy. It has distinctive veining that can range from gold to grey
– Smooth finish
– Striking color
– Used for Flooring
– Appealing design
– Polished
– Easy to maintain and long-lasting
Indo Italian is a kind of white marble quarried in India. This stone is especially good for the Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments.
Uses and Application of this stone:
Indo Italian Marble is one of the perfect choices for Interiors as well as for Exteriors. There is a vast demand for Indo Italian Marble in Indian and International Market. Indo Italian Marble is one of the qualitative and available in standard sizes and thicknesses at competitive prices. Indo Italian Marble can also be available as per the customized order of Indian and International clients. One can get Indo Italian Marble in the shape of natural blocks, processed slabs & tiles and also in beautiful border linings.
Indo Italian Marble is widely used for floorings, wall claddings, borders and designs, handicraft items and many more. Indo Italian Marble is a multi-usable product and therefore, it can be placed in bedrooms, dining halls, kitchens, lobbies, parking, storerooms, temple rooms or many more. This is one of the best features of Indo Italian Marble.
Special quality:
Indo Italian Marble is a natural product that comes in beautiful designs and figures. Also, due to its extraordinary glace and shine, people prefer it for both residential as well as for commercial projects. Indo Italian Marble is easy to fit and adds tremendous beauty to the sites. Indo Italian Marble is simply an eye-catching product.
*Our Research and Development team still creates a history where we are constantly on the lookout for more excellent quality products that the marble industry has not searched for yet. The team is dedicated to bringing such marble and stones to light which are an excellent option for our customers and also a tough competition for the existing Italian Marbles.
– German black
– German black gold
– Burberry black
– Indian ziyalo Aiyana gold
– Indo Purtgish red
– Indo turkey Dyna
– Indo Iranian light grey
– Indian onyx
– Alfredo onyx
– M white
– Asian antic
– Antic finish marble
– German finish granite
We personally invite designers and architects to find the exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram.
We can help you answer those questions.
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Since 1631
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With the above paragraph, it is clear that India is ready to cater to all the changing needs of global buyers with lots of stone varieties from North and South India as well. Be it Rajasthan, Bangalore or Chennai, international buyers expect quality, commitment, and lower costs. India responds to these demands in a favorable manner. With irresistible Kindly grey sandstone and Mandana sandstone from the land of desert, Rajasthan, Indian players offer buyers lots of benefits in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and overall value.
• Applications: Roofing, paving, flooring, paneling projects, beams, doors, pillars, and window sills.
• Properties: Hardness, durability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Let’s check out what Indian sandstone suppliers have in their bags for global buyers with the following hot-selling options:
• Agra red sandstone: Red-colored stone from Agra in India is easy to cut and carve.
• Camel dust sandstone: Creamy yellow-colored sandstone with hues of dark brown on its surface.
• Fossil mint sandstone: Sandy buff sandstone with uneven fossil-like patterns on its surface.
• Kandla grey sandstone: Beautiful grey colored sandstone with a pretty consistent texture also comes with dark and light grey stones.
• Mandana sandstone: Chocolate shaded sandstone product with accents of dark red, plum, and light brown.
• Modak sandstone: Old world sandstone with an amazing blend of pink, honey, rose and terracotta shades plus dark pink swirls on its surface.
• Yellow mint sandstone: Enticing shades of yellow and buff with marks of relatively darker tones.
  • Blue Kota stone Wholesale
  • Kota Blue
  • Kota Blue Natural Tiles, Honned and Sandblasted Tiles Brown Kota Stone Exporters
  • Kota Brown
  • Kota Brown Polished, Antique Finish Tiles and Cobbles Limestone coving manufacturers India
  • Covings
  • Kota Stone Covings are available in various sizes. Kota Blue Limestone Mines India
  • Bricks
  • Tumbled Kota Blue and Kota Brown BricksKota Blue Limestone Wholesale Suppliers Kota
  • Cobbles
  • Kota Stone Cobbles are available in Tumbled finish.
From homes or villas to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements. Exclusive quality marble, granites, and natural stone are available for projects such as Malls, Towers, Showrooms, Villas, Hospitals, Hotels, Complexes, Casinos, college, Township, and other projects. Besides this our Natural stones are being used widely in the landscape, Sugar mills, Oil mills, Steel mills, Ceramic industry, Food Processing, Power Industry, & Agriculture Industry marketed under the brand name of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP, established in the year 1631.
The vision and dedication towards making India an infrastructurally sound nation has been shared by several great architects and many people like our forefathers. They had done their bit by emerging strongly with BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP and pledging to aid their efforts by providing them with the best quality of natural stone for their projects.
This virtue of staying true to our nation and our fellow architects has been passed down to us.
All products are exported in the best and safest of packaging to ensure that you receive the best:
Kishangarh is the marble hub of the world.
Extra care and efforts have been put to ensure that excellent quality is maintained during the production to meet INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.
Bhandari Marble World is among the world’s most trusted marble suppliers. Moreover, we occupy 5 positions on the list of the World’s top 10.
Bhandari marble group gives a personalized service delivered to your home by trained stone experts. Our exclusive stone studio of over 500 colors and finishes includes marble granite Natural stone, sandstone, Kota stone, cobbles, pebbles slate with trend stone experts have many years of experience in marble granite and Natural stone. We provide you unmatched quality with quantity and after-sales services.

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Italian Marble
Italian marbles are highly durable and have a long life. These marble's raw stones are imported from Italy in India and have high demand around the world. These marble stones are of really very good. The most famous type of this marble is Perlato, Dyna and beige marble.
Types of Italian Marble,
There are differences. The most popular white Italian marble varieties are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. These three Italian marbles can sometimes resemble one another, but there are differences that are important to note in order to be able to choose just the right one.

Types of Italian Marble by color 
Color of Italian Marble

White Marble. Types of White Marble. Blanco Macael.

Cream Marble. Types of Cream Marble. Crema Marfil.

Black Marble. Types. Negro Marquina.

Types of Red Marble. Rojo Alicante. Rojo Corralito.

Brown Marble. Types of Brown Marble.

Pink Marble. Types of Pink Marble.

Yellow Marble. Types of Yellow Marble.

Green Marble. Types of Green Marble

Beige color

Types of Italian Marbles 

Botticino Classic. The marble Botticino has a natural beige color with unique brown veins.

Grey William. Grey William is marble with full grey & whitish veins, which is imported from Italy.

Royal Diana. Royal Diana is a beige color marble with thin & thick brown veins pattern.

The common perception is that Italian marble is more expensive simply because it is a prestige item. The reality is that Italian marble isn't expensive just because it is a luxury item; it is actually a luxury item because of its premium quality.

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Why Indian onyx called lady onyx?
It is Cozi and Charming that's why Indian onyx called lady onyx.


Indian Onyx Marble - Bhandari Marble Group
Indian onyx 
Green onyx, slumber onyx coming from slumber mines mainly supply by onyx marble with green line marble used in flooring and decoration.
White Onyx is a gemstone that has the meaning and properties of making the owner's mind positive. It would purify negative energy. White Onyx is a gemstone that can clear anxiety or sadness.  This gemstone is popular as an amulet to keep things on track. White Onyx has the meaning and properties of increasing owner's stamina
Lady Onyx Marble Slabs & Tiles Supplier & Manufacturer
lady onyx,
Green Onyx, also called Lady Onyx marble is a white base Indian marble that mostly comes from the Salumbar region of Rajasthan, India. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP located at INDIA, RAJASTHAN, KISHANGARH is the biggest supplier and exporter of Lady Onyx Marble. We are Manufacturers, Exporting supplying Lady Onyx.
No doubt, Lady Onyx Marble is a very beautiful type of Indian White Marble. It is highly cherished for its beautiful texture. The beige background crossed by pinkish & greenish shades and veining on this Marble gives a perfectly balanced and elegant appearance to your living spaces.
It is the most suitable material to be used for external as well as for internal applications as it gives lustrous look. For example, it can be used for countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, wall cladding, wall clapping, etc. It is also known as Onyx Pink.
Being among the top trader of Marble and Granite in India,
is not only the reputed and leading manufacturer and supplier of Lady Onyx Marble from India but also a reputed exporter of rich quality Indian Marble which is quarried from its own manufacturing situated in India Rajasthan. We supply marble slabs, tiles, and blocks in all sizes as per clients’ requirements without delay.
 Nature of Lady Onyx Marble
According to nature, Lady Onyx Marble is an Indian White Marble with having swirls of Green and Pink color on a White base. It is having pink with shades of cream and green woven in the tapestry that gives an aesthetic look to the marble. It comes in a White glossy color that enhances the beauty of your living space.
Another key point of Lady Onyx Marble is the unique features that make it a reliable and long-lasting White Marble. It is widely preferred by designers for interior and exterior applications due to the reason for these qualities. There are some extra-ordinary features of this White Marble given as below:

White onyx marble is resistant to abrasion and weather conditions which is one of the strongest features of this Marble.
Ultimately it is the best marble for home and office purposes as it is very easy to clean and also has low maintenance that makes it a likable Marble.
In fact, It is a highly durable marble due to its favorable properties.
Moreover, it is also characterized by silky and glassy luster with a smooth surface.
Due to its optimum quality and brilliant combination of colors, it gives exquisite appearance.
Of course, it is highly in demand for the purpose of interior and exterior applications as the aesthetic and appealing look of this Marble can beautify your place like never before.
 White onyx marble is used for many things including Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, Vanity Tops, Risers, and Tabletops.
It can be used for both interior and exterior flooring applications to give a luxurious ambiance.
In the same way, this Onyx Marble is also suitable for making bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas.
Additionally, it can give elegance and distinction to outdoor furniture with its natural and aesthetic qualities.

This type of mesmerizing white base Indian marble is available in huge stock. we are the leading Lady Onyx Marble supplier in India. As we fulfill the client’s requirement, you can see our following dimensions available in all sizes and thicknesses
in ready stock.

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Top Benefits of Natural Stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument

Top Benefits of Natural Stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
Natural stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument is just what homeowners today want in their kitchen. It is fortunate that natural stone such as granite and marble are much more affordable today than it was just a few decades ago, but some homeowners hesitate to commit to them. While cost-effective manmade options are still common, natural stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument has many benefits that offset their slightly higher price tag. Below are just a few of these benefits to convince homeowners still on the fence on natural stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
granite slabs
The best thing you can say about natural stones is they are very tough. Granite is more durable than marble, but even marble is quite tough. Experts rate the scratch resistance or hardness of minerals according to the Mohs scale, where a diamond rates a  Granite rates anything from depending on the composition of granite. Marble ranges again depending on its composition. This means that granite is scratch resistant, and marble is relatively soft.
However, natural stones are also durable because of their formation. Granite and marble stones form over a long time under extreme conditions. They can easily handle regular use without sustaining any damage. In fact, you can use granite and marble outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, and look the better of it over time. You cannot do this with many manmade materials for countertops, including quartz.
Some people have a problem with the fact that granite and marble are porous, believing this makes them difficult to maintain. The porosity of granite differs widely, and some granitoid such as basalt and gabbro are not porous at all. These are not true granite, but close enough for use as kitchen flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
For granite with some porosity, a simple sealer solves the problem. Marble requires a little more care because it is much more porous than granite and more likely to stain or etch. This is simply surface damage, and easily remedied. It will not affect the integrity of the stone itself.
The point is, granite and marble will last for a very long time without special attention outside of a sealer. Some suppliers recommend resealing natural stones every year, but resealing may not actually be necessary at all in some cases. It depends on how a homeowner uses these countertops.

kitchen with richly patterned granite flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
Another benefit of natural stones is that it is highly adaptable. You are most likely to find natural stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument that will look great with any kitchen style and suit the personal preferences of many people. Granite is particularly adaptable because it fits in with traditional kitchens as well as ultra-modern ones. It depends on the color and pattern of the granite chosen. Marble tends to be more of a conservative choice because its greatest appeal is to elegance and subtlety. However, some marble colors such as black marble do lend itself well to modern styles.
Aside from matching any style and design, natural stones also mix well with different types of materials. It works in juxtaposition to wood, steel, concrete, and even plastic. It brings in sophistication, playfulness, and drama, depending on your choice.
While the kitchen is the natural milieu of natural stones, you can also use it for other purposes in the kitchen and other rooms. You can put it in as a backsplash, wall cladding, floors, fire surrounds, vanity tops, and tub surrounds. If you have an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area, you can use natural stones all over those places as well.
Esthetically pleasing
kitchen with marble flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
Some people may dispute that nothing looks more beautiful than natural stones, but it is quite true. Manmade stones may trump natural stones in terms of breadth of choice and availability, but the discerning eye can always pick out the depth and warmth unique to natural stones.
This is particularly true when it comes to marble flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument. The delicate hues and veining of marble are unique to the stone, especially with high-quality white marble. Some manmade stones may strive to mimic it, but they have yet to achieve the same effect.
Granite is equally difficult to simulate, despite being more robust in colors and patterns than marble. Some manmade stones approach the look of granite but are not yet there. A kitchen with natural stone countertops is still the ideal for many homeowners desiring to increase the value of their home.
granite flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument or floor showing different patterns
A good analogy for the individuality of natural stones is to compare it to fingerprints. Just as no two people, even identical twins, have the same fingerprints, so are no two slabs of. Nature is unpredictable, and flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument form in unpredictable ways.
Despite being from the same location with the same composition and forming under the same conditions, natural stone slabs will always have something unique to it. It may be a slightly different color, to clumps of crystals, or unexpected streaks and veins.
This individuality is more noticeable in granite flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument than marble countertops, as granite is a mix of several minerals. Marble is a metamorphic rock originating from limestone and dolomite, so any veins and other features will come from contamination from other minerals during the reformation. Nevertheless, closer inspection will show subtle differences from one marble slab to another.
Investment value
traditional kitchen with flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument
Finally, natural stones gain value over time. Because they are so durable, desirable, and versatile, people treat it as an asset to the home.
Homeowners take care of natural stone flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument because it improves the function and comfort of the kitchen. Homebuyers put a premium on them because they know it will serve them well if they buy it. Having well-maintained natural stone countertops is also a good indication that the homeowners take good care of their homes.
Natural stones have many benefits for the home, especially as kitchen flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument. However, you can only maximize the benefits if you find good quality stones and have them installed by a professional. If you are ready to take the plunge, find a reputable flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument company in your area.
BHANDARI Marble Granite is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for home improvement, and we specialize in the best kitchen flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument in the USA We service the areas of India, USA, UK UAE and among others. You can visit our stone studio or book online to see the products before you buy them.

We have a wide range of options for granite and marble flooring Elevation Decoration countertop landscaping monument, with actual slabs available for your inspection in our showroom. However, we also carry some of the best brands of stones. We work only with the best brands in the business and can offer better prices and faster turnarounds than big box stores.

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Sandstone Brick Color Options from Sandstone Suppliers

Can you imagine the world’s biggest marble wonder Taj Mahal made of white quartzite? It obviously looks weird thinking so. White marble is quite popular globally for its shine, look, and performance. Alas! White marble is not hard and also out of the reach of customers having a tight budget. When it is hard to make many other Taj Mahal like buildings, it is a white quartzite that makes up things and gives an edge. Among all popular colors, white always wins the race and emerges as the first choice of all due to its magic and allure.
If you are looking for better and practical marble countertop alternatives, then quartzite can be a surprise element for many kitchens, baths and living rooms as a decorative stone. From flooring to stairways and from fireplaces to mantels, white quartzite renders a number of advantages. With the content, all readers will know more about white-hued quartzite preference over marble and its availability status in the Indian natural stone market.
Why White Quartzite over Costly Marble?
Have you ever imagined what makes quartzite special over other costly stone types? There are lots of unique features and benefits make things in favor of the natural stone. A natural rock originates as sandstone and transforms into a new form: quartzite. The natural process makes the stone harder and dense. Apart from the factor of hardness over marble and granite, quartzite stone also catches all eyes owing to its real allure called beauty. The lovely natural veining swirls of grey and white displayed over the surface of the stone simply steals the show.
A white veiny quartzite also looks like different white granite products. You better go in for soft quartzite as it has a similar appearance and characteristic to calcite-based marbles. Interestingly, soft quartzite in the white hue is harder. That is why it is quite suitable for high-traffic applications. Following are some of the prominent reasons why quartzite should be preferred over marble stone:
• Formed from sandstone
• Uniqueness and versatility
• Strong, abrasion-resistant, and durable
• Combination of natural veining patterns
• Strength and durability qualities
• Less costly than marble
• Higher on Mohs scale (7) than marble (3)
• Complements a variety of styles
These attributes noticeably increase its applications as natural stone and elucidate the dramatic rise in the admiration of the stone.
White Quartzite Options Available in the Indian market
India is a big natural stone hub and caters to the genuine needs of all B2B buyers across the world. There are a lot of quartzite quarries in India where blocks are extracted and then sent to factories for further processing. When it comes to finding an alternative of costly marble, soft quartzite in white color can be a fit for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. If you can keep your soft quartzite maintained, you will definitely get a feeling of pristine touch. As far as the Indian market for white quartzite stone is concerned, the following are the most pertaining options:
H White quartzite: It is a grayish-white quartzite without much color variation. This stone product is ideal for flooring and roofing applications. The unique finish and texture of this stone make it the first choice of architects.
S White quartzite: This white-hued comes with a grained textured surface. With features of fire-proof and frost-resistant properties, this quartzite looks superb in appearance. That is why it is perfect construction material for wall cladding and flooring applications.
We cordially invite you to check an elaborate range of our finest selection at Bhandari Marble Granite Stone Studio, The king of the natural Stones at the kingdom of marble, granite and stone Located at Makrana Road, Kishangarh, P.O Jaipur, Rajasthan & supply all over World.
[6:43 pm, 12/01/2020] Anushka Bmc: DESIGN IDEAS FOR YOUR NEW HOME- SANDSTONE BRICKS:
The texture, performance, striking colors, aesthetic, and rugged natural look are some of the prime reasons why sandstone is considered as a superb building construction material. Sandstone bricks in various sizes render a general impression of a cathedral or public building. Know here why sandstone bricks matter the most and what options are available in the competitive market for sandstone lovers.
Sandstone has been around us for ages and it has been a part and parcel of all king-sized castles, forts, and temples. Sandstone bricks have been a vital construction material for raising walls in the garden, patio, fireplace, or backyard. These days, modern homes welcome
Sandstone walls in order to impart a classic and attractive look to their internal and external living premises. Be it related to covering the entire buildings or making walls and entrances, brick walls of sandstone make a big difference. Sandstone is popular for constructing solid walls owing to various inherent properties, like fine-graining, toughness, roughness, compaction, hardness, compressive strength, low absorption, non-slippery, fireproof, and anti-climate. There are also sandstone bricks, slabs, and walls for making walls. Making walls with sandstone bricks means acquiescence of an antique look. Find out here more on various aspects of sandstone bricks with reference to sandstone color options from Indian sandstone suppliers.
Different aspects of sandstone bricks:
We have already seen lots of raising walls in mammoth castles, palaces, and religious structures in all parts of the world. There are lots of building construction materials, but sandstone gives an edge due to its inherent physical and chemical features. For many decades, sandstone bricks have been the most vital thing involved in the architecture and assembly of functional and strong walls. Be it your home or office, sandstone bricks are the first choice of all stone experts and engineers. With changing building architecture trends, the sandstone bricks are seen as a material that provides antique appearance with an expression of artistic adroitness.
It is a sandstone brick texture and dimensions that make the stone fit for all residential and commercial applications. Being highly-resistant to acids and alkalis, sandstone bricks perform well under all climatic conditions. That is why these bricks add a distinction to internal and external paved areas.
It is known that the natural stone wall and natural stone bricks are synonymous with each other. Being one of the best alternatives for strong walls, sandstone bricks are laid lengthwise (stretchers) and crosswise (headers). In the competitive market, these bricks are available in the form of hand-cut and machine-cut options. As far as stone bricks specifications are concerned, you can have bricks with both side’s natural split surface finish. You can also opt for all edges to be hand dressed. The size of the stone always matters the most. So, you can place an order for free-size, available only on demand.
• The general size of sandstone brick: 200 x 100 x 70mm
Whether you are searching for sandstone bricks for sale or raising the wall, Indian sandstone suppliers come to your service with a wide range of colorful products.
Sandstone Brick Color Options from Sandstone Suppliers
Natural stone bricks are not like common bricks that are made of clay materials at a kiln. Sandstone bricks are a natural stone material cut and designed from big blocks and slabs at a sandstone factory. In India, there are lots of sandstone processing units where modern stone cutting instruments give a superb shape and look to bricks. There is no dearth of top-quality sandstone bricks sold and supplied by qualified suppliers of sandstone in India. All you have to do is to reach the right platform and make a wise decision without wasting your precious time. The following are some popular sandstone colors that B2B buyers can purchase from sandstone exporters and suppliers from India. These include:
• Black – Sagar black sandstone
• Brown – Autumn brown, camel dust, Dholpur Beige, Kota desert, and two-tone sandstone
• Gold – Asian gold, flowery gold, golden teakwood, and ITA sandstone
• Green – Raj green sandstone
• Grey – Kandla grey, L. Grey and Toksana sandstone
• Pink – J. Pink and Modak sandstone
• Red – Agra red, J. red, and Mandana sandstone
• White – White mint sandstone
• Yellow – Fossil mint, Jaisalmer yellow, L. yellow, and yellow mint sandstone

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Like the currents of a river, you’ll find that the sweeping lines of this marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping perfectly complement any kitchen design.
It’s versatile, works well with light cabinets and contrasts nicely against dark ones too. Since this design can be stretched along the length of the kitchen work surface, it can make any countertop look longer than it actually is.
BLACK marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping:
An interesting thing about black slabs is that many of them aren’t actually marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping at all. In order for a stone to technically qualify as marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping, it must contain at least 20% quartz, and quartz is always white or has a milky color to it.
So if the stone you pick is completely black it’s likely gabbro, which makes for an excellent kitchen work surface, but you should know that all black slabs aren’t really granite even though that’s most likely what they are being called.
Here are a few of my favorites. I’m definitely biased towards the last one so I saved what I believe is the best one for last.
BROWN marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping COLORS:
There’s no limit to the different cabinet and countertop combinations that you can do in your kitchen. Some of the most popular options are to have contrasting cabinets and counters, but you don’t have to play by those rules.
You’re free to mix and match colors any way you want to get creative and hold stone samples up to painted cabinet doors until the perfect combination turns up. Believe me when I tell you that the perfect combo will turn up, and when you see it you’ll know instantly that that’s exactly the one you’ve been looking for.
While you’re experimenting with color palettes don’t let your floor tiles and backsplash material be an afterthought. They go a long way to completing the look. We made a huge mistake when we updated our kitchen. We chose a ceramic tile for the floor but we said we would pick a tile out for the backsplash later.
It’s been nearly two years now since our kitchen was done and we still don’t have a backsplash installed. Don’t be like us, make sure you pick everything out together and get it all installed at once.
I do want to share some of my favorite combos with you and hopefully, they’ll help you to come up with some interesting ideas for your own remodel.
For even more options, any slab can be finished in a variety of different ways.
A polished finish can bring elegance to the look by giving off a reflective mirror-like finish to the stone.
Flamed has a bumpier finish that is perfect for any heavy-duty usage from outdoor kitchens to shower flooring.
Remember, when choosing a stone, it’s incredibly important to go see your slab in person since each marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping can differ highly from cut to cut. You’ll never think about laminate again once you see what just a little bit more money can get you.
Marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping is the most versatile and budget-friendly choice of any stone, which makes it the perfect way to add luxury to your home without breaking the bank.