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In the market, black pearl granite has two average prices. For the thicker one, that cost around $40 to $50 per square foot while the thinner slab is $25 to $35.

Black Galaxy Granite is considered a mid to high priced stone and is in great demand. All Granite falls into one of the five rate classifications – A through E – with A the least expensive and E the priciest. Black Galaxy is a D stone; however, prices can vary depending on the grain pattern and color of the stone

Black Granite

The pure Black Granites and natural textures of the Black Granites make it … Black Pearl Granite

Polished Black Granite – Black Galaxy Granite 100% Export Oriented Unit from …

100% Export Oriented Unit of Polished Granite Black – Black Galaxy Granite, Black Absolute Granite, Ash Black Granite and Impala Black Granite

Granite Price list

Serial No.                                 Name of Granite                                Price of Granite (Approximated)

1                                              Black Galaxy Granite                                      Rs 190/square feet

2.                                              Black Pearl Granite                                        Rs 450/square feet

3.                                          Black Granite Leather Finish                            Rs 150/square feet

4.                                            Telephone Black Granite                                Rs 180/square feet

5.                                        Premium Rajasthan Black Granite                    Rs 80/square feet

6.                                                 Green Pearl Granite                                   Rs 200/square feet

7.                                                Black Green Granite                                    Rs 125/square feet

8.                                                Pearl White Granite                                    Rs 70/square feet

9.                                              White Galaxy Granite                                   Rs 200/square feet 

10.                                             Madurai Gold Granite                                 Rs 175/square feet 

11.                                              Tan Brown Granite                                     Rs 100/square feet 

12.                                             Indian Juparana Granite                            Rs 150/square feet

13.                                            Cats Eye Granite                                           Rs 105/square feet 

14.                                          Golden Garnet Granite                                  Rs 180/square feet

15.                                          Rosy Pink Granite                                            Rs 65/square feet

16.                                          Tiger Skin Granite                                           Rs 65/square feet

17.                                          Sindoori Red Granite                                     Rs 150/square feet 

18.                                          Imperial Red Granite                                     Rs 150/square feet

19.                                           Lakha Red Granite                                     Rs 190/square feet

20.                                            Red Galaxy Granite                                  Rs 300 /-square feet

21.                                            Red Pearl Granite                                     Rs 105 /-square feet

22.                                          Black Galaxy Golden Star Granite           Rs 200 /-square feet

23.                                          Black Galaxy White Star Granite             Rs 180 /-square feet

24.                                          Absolute Black Granite                             Rs 200 /-square feet

25.                                          River Black Granite                                    Rs 120 /-square feet

26.                                        Black Marquino Granite                             Rs 120 /-square feet

27.                                        Majestic black Granite                                Rs 78 /-square feet

28.                                        Ruby Black Granite                                      Rs 80/-square feet

29.                                      Conch Black Granite                                     Rs 85 /-square feet

30.                                      Black Albena Granite                                     Rs 120 /-square feet

31.                                      Alaska White Granite                                     Rs 180 /-square feet

32.                                      Colonial White Granite                                Rs 175 /-square feet

33.                                      American White Granite                              Rs 170 /-square feet

34.                                     Monaco White Wave Granite                      Rs 175 /-square feet

35.                                     Viscon White Granite                                    Rs 200 /-square feet

36.                                    Sahara White Granite                                     Rs 115 /-square feet

37.                                   Alaska Gold Granite                                         Rs 230 /-square feet

38.                                   Volga Gold Granite                                           Rs 175 /-square feet

39.                                   Volga Beige Granite                                         Rs 180 /-square feet

40.                                  Gold Dunes Granite                                          Rs 190 /-square feet

41.                                  Crema Nova Granite                                         Rs 230 /-square feet

42.                                  Corona pink Granite                                         Rs 78 /-square feet

43.                                  Iris Grey Granite                                                Rs 220 /-square feet

44.                                  Black Milano Granite                                        Rs 100 /-square feet

45.                                 Alaska Grey Granite                                           Rs 160 /-square feet

46.                                Crystal Blue Granite                                             Rs 88 /-square feet

47.                                Copper Silk Granite                                             Rs 100 /-square feet

Questions & Answers on Granite Slabs

Thickness                                                   Min Price                                                     Max Price

10-15 mm                                              Rs 45/Square feet                                       Rs 140/Square feet

15-20 mm                                              Rs 52/Square feet                                       Rs 270/Square feet

15-20 mm                                              Rs 35/Square feet                                       Rs 225/Square feet

20-25 mm                                              Rs 60/Square feet                                       Rs

175/Square feet

Granite Slab – Rajasthan Black Granite Manufacturer from Kishangarh

Manufacturer of Granite Slab – Rajasthan Black Granite, Leather Finish Granite, Designer Granites Slab and Outdoor Granite Slab in Kishangarh, Rajasthan

Granite Stone – Tan Brown Granite Manufacturer from Jaipur

Manufacturer of Granite Stone – Tan Brown Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Pie Black Granite offered by us… We are leading Indian suppliers of Tan Brown Granites. … Price: Rs 185 / Square feet

Absolute Black Granite Exporters Suppliers India

We are Indian exporters of Absolute Black Granite Tiles, Absolute Black Granite … We determine Absolute black granite price, based on two factors; first – size and 

Ash Black Granite

Ash black is also known as R Black or Rajasthan black. It is a cheap black granite. The prices are ranging between 18-20 dollars per sqm

Black Galaxy Granite is considered a mid to high priced stone and is in great demand. All Granite falls into one of the five rate classifications – A through E – with A the least expensive and E the priciest. Black Galaxy is a D stone; however, prices can vary depending on the grain pattern and color of the stone.

Granite Slabs – Black Galaxy Granite Slab Manufacturer from Jaipur

The Black Galaxy Granite offered by us, is widely demanded for its elegant finishing and stain free nature. Heat Resistance, smooth edges and it’s easy to clean

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Black Galaxy Granite Slab. Approx. Price: Rs 115 / Square feet. Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square feet; Thickness: 15-20. The average price of Black Galaxy Granite per square feet is 3.65 per square feet. This is for the standard material. The price changes as per the

Most of the granite mined across the world tends to be in darker shades. While white granite, and especially marble, are far more difficult to find and are less abundant in nature. This is why you are more likely to find beautiful black granite at a more affordable price.

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