Marble Care, Much easier than you think

When it comes to marble, we get a lot of questions in our mind about maintenance. There are many homeowners that avoid marble, even though they love its look, just because they’ve been told that it’s hard to care and maintains. From our marble and granite experts, it’s much easier than you think.

The increase in popularity of marble is due to a better understanding. If you're looking for a durable and long lasting product that should have easy maintenance, than marble is an excellent choice. Marble is a very hard and durable stone. Wiping a marble with a damp cloth can keep it clean. Yes marble can get some stains, but there are some products to remove stains, and you can use mats to eliminate them from occurring in your product.

Here are some examples of how to keep your marble looking great for long time: 
• You have to clean any spills as quickly as possible, especially for those acidic substances like alcohol, lemon juice and tomato sauce.
• You should never use vinegar, lemon juice, bathroom cleaners, or any tiles cleaner to clean marble counter top.
• For clean a marble counter top you can use warm water and a non-useful cloth or sponge.
• You can use marble polishing powder for cleaning your product.
• If you get tough stains on your marble product, rather than do it with yourself, you should call a stone professional. They will help you.
• Always rinse your marble with clean and warm water. You should avoid vacuum cleaners with worn wheels as they could scratch the surface of marble.
• For using marble in bathroom, just be sure your marble is properly sealed and all finishing has been done. Avoid bleach; it will break down the shine of your product.

So these were some important and easy steps you can use for clean and maintain your marble product.


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