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Granite slabs not only make your home look luxurious but also enhances the overall look. However, they come at a price that might seem expensive at first glance but as the benefits of granite come forth, this cost actually starts to look like a worthy investment. Advantages of Installing Granite Countertops in Kitchen and Bathrooms. Hence even before one looks at the different slabs available, it is important to understand the benefits that are associated with granite.
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As the saying goes, granite is as strong as a rock. It occurs naturally and is hence hardened by the elements of nature as well as the pressure exerted by the layers of earth. The toughness of granite is such that it: *Can resist the wear and tear that a countertop has to regularly bear,
*It can retain the beauty of the shine for a longer time,
*It does not get affected by extreme heat.
*All theses make granite slabs extremely durable and once installed they tend to last a lifetime provided proper care is taken of the same.
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Easy maintenance:
It is general knowledge that if slabs of granite are installed properly and its edges sealed correctly, they become resistant to microorganisms. They do not stain easily and can be easily cleaned using just water, soap, and a cloth. Of course using cleaners available in the markets and made specifically for granite is a good alternative to cleaning with soap water. But as is the case with all other countertops, acidic liquid spills like juices, need to be quickly mopped to ensure the shine remains intact.
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Boosts home value:
The value of a house is determined by the facilities that it offers. Houses with installed granite slabs, especially in the kitchen which is one of the most important rooms in the house, often come with a classy timeless appeal. This luxurious feel is appreciated by people coming to look over the house with the intention of buying and boosts the economic value of the same.
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Granite occurs naturally and hence it is designed by nature. This means that its design cannot be tampered with and each slab is unique in its own way. After they are mined, they are cut into slabs and polished and installed. Since the natural beauty of the installed granite countertops cannot be duplicated, every kitchen or bathroom installed is unique in its own way. What is even more eye-catching is that these slabs tend to change color as light rays fall on them and get reflected thereby making them seem almost ethereal. The availability of slabs differing in specks, swirls, veins, and color offers a wide variety for the buyer to choose from.
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Long-term investment:
This is the biggest advantage that every house-owner opting for granite slabs tends to enjoy. In fact, this is also the reason why these slabs prove to be the most cost-effective countertop option available. Once installed following the instructions given by the manufacturer, a granite countertop tends to outlive all other countertop options like quartz, soapstone, etc. that are available in the market. Thus the initial price which a buyer has to pay in buying and installation of a granite countertop gets spaced out due to its longevity and long-term durability.
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Stunningly beautiful:
There is no doubt that granite countertops tend to stand out because of their beauty. The natural appeal comes from its texture and natural gentle hue which is almost unmatched and unparalleled. In fact, the different color options that are available enable the buyer to get one that fits in effectively with the room décor. The installation of the stunningly beautiful countertop ensures its place as the centerpiece of perfection thereby elevating the beauty of the room and taking it to the next level.
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