Marble Flooring

Marble is a natural stone, and when properly finished can be transformed into beautiful flooring. Marble flooring is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated floorings to install in a home and adds a whole new element of class. ... Depending on the type of marble it's classified as tones that will vary stone to stone.
Marble Flooring– All You Need to Know About
Marble stones

Marble stones always fascinate us when used in the construction and decoration of our living and working spaces. Out of all, marble stones offer the superior appearance and augment the more natural beauty of your spaces than others.
Marble Flooring
Therefore, the contribution of marble is more than half of all-natural stone trades in the world. Let’s Know
What Is Marble as a Natural Stone?
In simple geological terms, marble is a metamorphic rock when limestone is passing through the metamorphism process due to heat and pressure in the crust of the earth, be it on land or at the submarine level. Being a kind of limestone, marble is a calcareous type of rock containing chiefly calcite (CaCO3 compound) and other miscellaneous impurities including sands, clays, iron, and other minerals.
What Are Physical Properties of Marble Stone?
Most of the marbles found in lighter color shades and while is in abundance. Thanks to some impurities, marbles get grains & veins of different colored shades including gray, green, pink, and black.
Properties of Marble Stone
It is resulting in unique and naturally beautiful patterns and designs on the surfaces of marble slabs and tiles.
Marble accepts polishing amazingly and resulting in a waxy and glossy surface is giving a thin transparent layer on the top of the mass with veins, color patches, and patterns. It renders marbles the best material for designing sculptures.
How Is Production of Marble Stone Takes Place Commercially?
The occurrence of marble is in large deposits ranging hundreds of feet thick layers in different places of the world. Therefore, we can mine marbles on large scales and required sizes of blocks. The latest quarrying technologies have improved production a lot and also made it cheaper than ever. Production of Marble Stone hardness of marble The hardness of marble is at three (3) Moh’s scale. It means it is a soft natural stone and easy to cut and carve into different shapes like art objects and sculptures.
Modern stone cutting technologies have eased the burden of exporters/importers and suppliers for rapid shipping and convenience.
We can cut marble blocks into dimension stones for a variety of interior and exterior applications in the construction industry.
For instance, slabs, tiles, and stacked stones in buildings. The maximum use of marble is in flooring as slabs or tiles. During quarrying, some rocks marbles come as rough stones of smaller sizes. These are crushing into aggregates or powders and used in different industries for various purposes like whitener, chalk, in animal feed, in the pharmaceutical industry, and so on.


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