Marble… This is most definitely one of my most requested posts that I have been meaning to actually sit down and write for forever and a day now. So you are thinking about using marble in your kitchen? Yep, I thought super duper long and hard about it too when I was designing our kitchen. Even as professionals in the stone industry, it took Mark and I some pondering. I say that as a badge of honor. It has been the craziest, longest and most stressful road to get here but I am now so proud of our story.

So let’s get to the cold hard truth… Is marble for everyone? Absolutely NOT! Is it gorgeous and fabulous and unique and do I love mine? Heck YES!!! Here’s the thing… as with most anything, if you are willing to put the time, effort and energy into caring for and maintaining your countertops then yes, marble is for you. If you have other things in life to worry about and feel like your countertops are the least of your concerns then no, stick to granite or quartz! If you like to throw your keys down on your kitchen island, drag pans across it, leave dripping wine and olive oil bottles out overnight and plop those 400-degree casserole dishes right down on top of your countertops, you may as well just stop reading this now.

Without trying to sound like negative Nancy here, I have to break it to you and say that quite possibly every single thing you have heard about marble is true. It scratches… it stains… it etches… and it literally just can’t take the heat! But if you have your heart set on a gorgeous slab of white marble, you can do it, my friends. I am two years into this marble in my kitchen journey and we are still going strong!
If something cannot be steamed, it is not for me! But marble for me, worth the commitment!

1.Marble Will Scratch… Yes friends, quite easily actually. But ya know, to be honest, I feel like the little imperfections in our marble countertops over the years just show how much we love and live in our home. Just like the perfectly imperfect marble all over Europe that has seen centuries of LOVE, marble gets worn and “more beautiful” with age. It tells our story if you will. If you decide to go with marble, decide right now to find a new place to throw your keys… Teach your hubby and your kiddos to stop dragging plates and pans and glasses across the countertop… And NEVER cut on your marble. Just use it as a reason to stock up on some cute new cutting boards!

2. Marble Will Etch… What is an etch? Think of it as a chemical reaction that leaves a permanent mark that looks somewhere between a scratch and a stain. But remember, we are thinking about that as a sign of LOVE for our home now right? Our marble tells our story. And as careful as we have been with our countertops, etching in marble is inevitable. It happens when an acid reacts with the marble creating a corrosive chemical reaction that literally ever so slightly eats away at your marble. From spaghetti sauce to lemons to wine to even certain water acidities, it is bound to happen! I know that sounds scary BUT the good news is that it is subtle and honestly only visible at certain times a day, at certain angles and with certain light. Like if you stand at a humped over the angle at 3pm on a sunny day and stare from our breakfast room table staring at our sink you can see it. Otherwise, it’s like it’s not even there! Here is that 3pm, humped over on a bright sunny day example on our dining room table. Our dining room table is an extreme example because we use and abuse this table quite often. I like to think that every wine glass mark is a memory of a dinner party where we laughed until 1 is with the best of friends. Oh and this is the exact same spot just from different viewpoints…

3. Marble Will Stain… Marble is quite porous and less dense than granite making it the perfect recipe for soaking up some stains. With the exception of a small dark oil spot here and there, I can honestly say that we have successfully avoided stains for the most part. We have around cutting boards that we keep by the stove and it becomes the spot for wine bottles, olive oil, and other juicy cooking substances whenever Mark is cooking. It really just becomes a habit after a while to clean up spills quickly and to stick something under a dripping bottle of red wine. And I would definitely say that red wine and oil are going to be your two biggest marble enemies. Let’s just say that marble loves to soak them up just as much as we do 😉

4. Marble is GORGEOUS… I tried and I tried and I tried to find something that compared to our Calcutta Reale (Calcutta Gold) marble. Mark showed me every porcelain, granite and quartz slab he could find to talk me out of marble but I saw our slabs and I fell in LOVE with its a natural beauty. In my opinion, you really just can’t beat the elegant, classic and timeless beauty of a beautiful piece of marble. I guess Mark kind of fell in love too because he surprised me with the most beautiful hand-crafted marble sink that our company made for our home from the same slabs as our countertops. It is probably one of my very favorite pieces of art in our home…

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